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2016-2017 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Elvan Cobb (History of Architecture & Urban Development, AAP)
Project Title:  Railway Crossings: Encounters in Ottoman Lands

Ana Laura Cocora (Anthropology)
Project Title:  Engaging what is to come: Happiness as public project in Japan

Elena Guzman (Anthropology)
Project title:  Performances on the Fringes: Cross Border Bodies and Dialogues between Haiti and Dominican Republic

Janet Hendrickson (Romance Studies)
Project Title:  From unreadable Archive to Visual Encyclopedia: Uses of Information in Latin American Art

Ferdinan Okki Kurniawan (Linguistics)
Project Title:  Documenting Jakarta Indonesian: an emerging language variety in Indonesia

Erica Levinson (Musicology)
Project Title:  Traveling Tunes: French Comic Opera and Theater in London, 1714-1745

Matthew T. Reader (History)
Project Title:  Ethnic Identification and the Creation of New Political Knowledge in Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Siam, Ciang Mai, and Cambodia

Aya Saiki (Musicology)
Project Title:  Toru Takemitsu and Magnetic Tape, 1955-1969

Alana Staiti (Science & Technology Studies)
Project Title:  A Body in Motion: A History of Human Modeling for Computer Animation, 1960s-1980s

Matthew Stoltz (German Studies)
Project Title:  Aesthetic Religiosity and the Path Towards Kunstreligion: Klopstock, Lessing and Novalis

2015-2016 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Liana Brent (Classics)
Project Title:  Violatio Sepulcri: Tomb Violation in Roman Italy

Shoan Yin Cheung (Science & Technology Studies)
Project Title:  Productivity and the Pill: Western Biotechnology in Japan at the Edge of the New Millennium

Edward Curran (Romance Studies)
Project title:  El Valle de los Caidos, Heterotopic Traces and Mourning

Natalia Di Pietrantonio (History of Art)
Project Title:  Erotic Visions: Poetry, Literature, and Book Arts from Avadh, 1754-1857

Rebecca Kosick (Comparative Literature)
Project Title:  The Book and/as the Object: Materially-Oriented Poetry in 20th Century Chile

Mackenzie Pierce (Musicology)
Project Title:  Rebuilding Poland Musically: Nation and Memory in Post-war Polish Music

Nancy Quintanilla (English)
Project Title:  Locating Spaces for the Disappeared in Guatemala and El Salvador

Jacqueline Reynoso (History)
Project Title:  (Dis)Placing the American Revolution: The British Province of Quebec in the Greater Colonial Struggle

Mate Rigo (History)
Project Title:  Plus ça change…?  Cioran, Goga, Wetterle and Schlumberger: Transylvanian and Alsatian elites on the impact of World War I on European elites

Rebecca Townsend (History)
Project Title:  Cinema People: Film and Modernity in Cold War Thailand

2014-2015 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Natasha Bissonauth (History of Art)
Project Title:  Disorientations: Parody in South Asian Diasporic Contemporary Art

Carrie Atkins Fulton (Classics)
Project Title:  Lost in Transportation: Trade Networks and the Materiality of Cargoes in the Ancient Mediterranean

Danya Glabau (Science and Technology Studies)
Project Title:  Food Allergy in America: An Ethnographic Study of Food Allergy Medicine and Culture in the United States

Anna Horakova (German Studies)
Project Title:  Reappraising the Literary and Artistic Production of east German cultures of dissidence: 1979-1989

Matthew McConnell (English)
Project Title:  Gathering Romance: A Study of the Auchinleck’s Generic Strategies

Andrew Simon (Near Eastern Studies)
Project Title:  Sounding the Nation: Cassettes, Culture, and Everyday Life in Modern Egypt (1970-2010)

Ruoji Tang (English)
Project Title:  Insensate Time: Romantic Writing and the Temporality of the Environmental Crisis

Mia Tootill (Music)
Project Title:  From the underworld to the Opera: Representations of the Devil on the Parisian Musical Stage, 1827-1869

Facundo Hernán Vega (Comparative Literature)
Project Title:  Extraordinary Matters: Politics and Life-in-Common after Martin Heidegger

Alexis K. Walker (Science & Technology Studies)
Project Title:  Knowledge Politics in Health and Development: Economic Sciences, Development Banks, and the Governance of Life


2013-2014 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Nate Bulthuis (Philosophy)
Project Title: On the Old Logic Transcription Project

Ophélie Chavaroche (Romance Studies)
Project Title: Care over cure.  Experience, Subjectivity and power in Louise Bourgeois’ medical and autobiographical writings

Rishad Choudhury (History)
Project Title: Pilgrims Beyond Empires: Indian Jahhis in an Age of Imperial Transition, c. 1707-1810

Anaar Desai-Stephens (Music)
Project Title: Singing Through the Screen: Music Competition Television Shows and the Fashioning of Female Performers in Twenty-first Century India

David Israelachvili (History)
Project Title: “Back to Kant” in Interwar Europe: Max Adler and the Search for the Social A Priori

Pinar Kemerli (Government)
Project Title: Refusing Self-Sacrifice in “the Heart of Muhammad:” Islamist Conscientious Objection in Turkey

Nidhi Mahajan (Anthropology)
Project Title: Contending with History On Land and At Sea: Trade Networks and the Nation-State in the Indian Ocean

Alexander Phillips (German Studies)
Project Title: Transfiguring Social Nature: Environmental and Aesthetic Transformations in German Realism

Bécquer Seguín (Romance Studies)
Project Title: Spontaneous Unity: José Martí, Rosa Luxemburg, and the Literature of the General Strike

Kristen Streahle (History of Art)
Project Title: Crafting Nobility in Trecento Palermo: The Painted Ceiling of the Palazzo Chiaramonte

Eileen Vo (Asian Studies)
Project Title: The Mediating Role of Colonial interpreters in Influencing the Implementation of Colonial Policies and the Production of Knowledge in Indochina (1863-1954)


2012-2013 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Sean Fear (History)
Project Title:  The War after Tet: The Politics of Dissent and the Rise of an Antiwar Public in South Vietnam, 1968-1973

Desmond Jagmohan (Government)
Project Title: Creating Community, Cultivating Citizens, and Interrogating Jim Crow: The Political Thought of Booker T. Washington

Hayden Kantor (Anthropology)
Project Title:  Embodied Virtues: Local Strategies of Agricultural Production and Food Consumption in Bihar, India

Adin Lears (English)
Project Title:  Noise and Voice in England at the Turn of the Fifteenth Century

Hamza Mahmood (Near Eastern Studies)
Project Title:  “O Children of Israel!”  Rhetoric & Representation in Qur’anic Polemics

Seth Perlow (English)
Project Title:  The Archive of Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons: Objects, Food, Rooms

Holiday Powers (History of Art and Visual Studies)
Project Title:  Archiving Post-Colonial Moroccan Art: Public and Private Possibilities in Rabat

Susana Romero Sanchez (History)
Project Title:  Dealing with the Masses: Housing, Credit, and Urban Development during an Age of Reform in Colombia, 1935-1961

Kavita Ashana Singh (Comparative Literature)
Project Title:  Linguistic Carnivalism: The Performativity of Language in the Caribbean Text

Jill Spivey (English)
Project Title:  Andersonville, Elmira, and the Limits of Civil War Memory

We Jung Yi (Asian Studies)
Project Title:  The Long Division: The Aesthetic Genealogy of Korean War Memories


2011-2012 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Jo Johnson (Linguistics)
Project: Topics in Mi'kmaq evidentiality

Catherine Kearns (Classics)
Project: Emergent Landscapes: The Formation of the Polty in First Millenium BCE Cyprus

Jess Keise (English)
Project: Mind-forg'd Metaphors: Anatomies of Wit in the Long Eighteenth Century

Eileen Vo (Asian Studies)
Project: Exploring the Functions of Translation in Colonial Vietnam (1858-1954)

Irene Vrinte (History)
Project: Between Colonialism and Cold War: The Indonesian War of Independence and World Politics, 1945-1949

Chun-Yen Wang (Theatre, Film and Dance)
Project: Offstage Voices: The Multitude and Local Performance in Colonial Taiwan

2010-2011 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Mari Crabtree (History)
Project: The Black Aesthetic in Harlem, 1910-1940

Stephanie DeGooyer (English)
Project: Framed Voices: Eighteenth-Century Literature, Equality and the Archive

Brigette Nicole Fielder (English)
Project: “Tupping your white ewe”: Sexual Kinship and Racial Marking in Mid-Nineteenth Century American Literary Culture

Amanda Gilvin (History of Art)
Project: Exhibition and Circulation of Nigerian Art, 1920-Present

Irving Goh (Comparative Literature)
Project: Towards a Theory of the Reject: Contemporary French Thought from 1968 to the Present

Zachary Gooch (Romance Studies)
Project: Narratives of Noir and the Image of Postwar France

Gokce Gunel (Anthropology)
Project: Thinking Ahead: Rationality, Mediation and Discipline in the Construction of Masdar City

Mukti Lakhi (English)
Project: Contextual Universalisms: Indigenous Discourses of Human Rights in India and South Africa

Cecily Swanson (English)
Project: Circles, Salons, Society: American Modernists in Paris

Darla Thompson (Science & Technology Studies)
Project: Harnessing Labor: Iron Collars and the Forces of Slavery

Zac Zimmer (Romance Studies)
Project: What is the Value of the Common? Aesthetics in the Networked Age


2009-2010 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Alexis Briley (Comparative Literature)
Project title: `Lawful Calculation’: Hölderlin’s theory of Poetic Rhythm

Julie Phillips Brown (English)
Project title:  The Feminist Avant-Garde in the Americas

Osvaldo de la Torre (Romance Studies)
Project title:  The Chilean Tradition in Latin American Poetry

Mark Ferraguto (Music)
Project title: Investigating the Beethoven Sketchbook “Landsberg 12” in the Berlin Staatsbibliothek

Kate Hames (English)
Project title:  Troubled Waters: Narrating the Thames to the Amazon in British Literature, 1899-1939

Joseph Brent Morris (History)
Project title:  `Be not conformed to this world’: Oberlin and the Crusade Against American Slavery

Sarah Pearce (Near Eastern Studies)
Project title:  Crusader Philology: The Transformation of Literature at the court of Alfonso VIII

Claudia Pederson (History of Art)
Project title:  Contemporary videogames by visual artists as a transnational medium for cultural critique

Hannah Rogers (Science & Technology Studies)
Project title:  SymbioticA: The Practices of Art and Science

Marcela Romero Rivera (Comparative Literature)
Project title: Lixo e Luxo: The politics of the image of garbage in Rio de Janeiro

Kim Todt (History)
Project title:  “Let Us Comprehend the Mysteries of Commerce”: The Mercantilist System in New Netherland and Colonial New York from 1630 through 1790

Anne Wilde (History)
Project title:  Konrad Bercovici: The Man Behind the Gypsy Costume

Alan Young-Bryant (English)
Project title:  Pre-Raphaelite Art and Design: Images and Objects of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Sonnets for Pictures (1847-1881)

Zhiguo Xie (Linguistics)
Project title:  Modality and Evidentiality in Lhasa Tibetan


2008-2009 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Christopher D. Cantwell (History)
travel to Philadelphia for archival research for a dissertation on “The word made Flesh: The Adult Bible Class Movement and the Transformation of Evangelical America, 1880-1930”

Nicole Casi (History of Art and Visual Studies)
travel to Paris for archival research on her dissertation topic, the pastoral uses of Barbizon-style painting in third Republican (1870-1939) and Vichy (1940-1944) propaganda

Irene Depetris Chauvin (Romance Studies)
travel to Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso to photograph graffiti on the streets and on walls of public schools to examine the creative uses of pop culture references by Chilean graffiti youth culture in the articulation of counterculture discourses

Taryn Chubb (History of Art and Visual Studies)
travel to Spain to study the art of the late medieval period for a dissertation on “Preachers of the City, Art of the City: St. Vincent Ferrer, the Dominican Order, and The Art of Late Medieval Iberia”

Kimberly Couvson (Anthropology)
travel to Beijing for research on her dissertation topic, “China and the Creative Idiom: Brands and Advertising in China’s Emerging Knowledge Economy”

Samson Lim (History)
travel to Bangkok and to Kyoto for archival research on his dissertation topic, “Crime Stores,” in which he will trace the development of crime narratives in the Thai press since the late nineteenth century

Alicia Muñoz (Romance Studies)
travel to Santiago, Chile for research on her dissertation, “Reading Killer Women: Narratives of 20th Century Latin America”

Anna Paparcone (Romance Studies)
travel to Italy to conduct research on her dissertation topic, “Echoes of Pier Paolo Pasolini in Contemporary Italian Cinema”

Ryan Platt (Theatre, Film, and Dance)
travel to Amsterdam and Montpellier to research William Forsythe’s dance performances for his dissertation on contemporary performance

Aaron Ralby (Medieval Studies)
travel to Britain to study Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic for a dissertation project on “Wisdom of the Warrior: Defining Sapience in Heroic Contexts”

Amanda Snellinger (Anthropology)
travel to Nepal for research on her dissertation topic, “The Transfiguration of Political Imaginary: The Role of Generational Change in Nepali Student Activism”


2007-2008 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Cynthia Turner Camp (Medieval Studies)
travel to Scotland to examine a recently discovered manuscript related to one chapter of her dissertation, “Embodying the Anglo-Saxons: Incorrupt Saints and Late Medieval Constructions of National Communities”

Katherine Groo (Comparative Literature)
travel to four major film archives and research institutions in and around Paris, France for research on her dissertation topic, “Ethnographic Cinema in Early Twentieth-Century France”

Héctor Hoyos (Romance Studies, Spanish)
travel to Mexico for acquisition of materials for a dissertation on “A Poetics of Gesture: The Trace of the Living Global in Contemporary Latin American Fiction”

Diana Looser (Theatre, Film & Dance)
travel to the Pacific region (Hawai`I, Fiji and New Zealand) for research on her dissertation topic, “A Comparative Study of Contemporary Indigenous and Diasporic Theatre in Oceania”

Anita Nicholson (English)
travel to London to conduct research on her dissertation project, “Transitional Figures: Literary and Visual Representations of the Anglo-African in the Mid-Late Eighteenth Century”

William Michael Schmidli (History)
travel to libraries in Boston, MA and Austin, TX for archival research for a dissertation project on “Competition, Collaboration, and Human Rights: the ‘Third World War’ and U.S.-Argentine Relations, 1976-1980

Jennifer Shannon (English)
travel to Dominica for dissertation research on a project entitled “Collaborative Exhibit Making at the National Museum of the American Indian: An Ethnography of the Our Lives Exhibition