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2016-17 Sustainability Research Grant Awards

Alex Lenoble (Romance Studies)
Project: Caribbean Literary Ecologies

Rachel Odhner (Anthropology)
Project: Connectivity and conversation in Greytown, Nicaragua

Gustavo Alberto Quintero (Romance Studies)
Project: The Question of Hydrocarbon Extraction in Columbia

Molly Reed (History)
Project: Ecology of Utopia: Environmental Discourse and Practice in Antebellum Communal Settlements

2015-16 Sustainability Research Grant Awards

Kristen Angierski (English)
Project: Ecosickness, Animals, and Neocolonial Cosmetic-Aesthetics: “Natural Beauty” in Postcolonial Literatures

Vincent Burgess (Asian Studies)
Project: Negotiating Modernities: Renunciation and Environmentalism amongst the Bishnoi of North India, 1950 to the Present

Amelia Jensen (Landscape Architecture, Masters Candidate)
Project: Undamming Potentials: Choreographing the Sediment Flux of the Pacific Northwest

Matthew Minarchek (History)
Project: Producing a Global Rainforest: Colonialism, Conservation, and the Opening of Sumatra’s Highlands, 1900-1940

2014-15 Sustainability Research Grant Awards

Mark Deets (History) 
“Mapping a Nation: Space, Place, and Culture in the Casamance, 1885-2007”

Ryan Edwards (History) 
 “An Ecology of Exile: Earth and Elsewhere in Argentina’s Ushuaia penal Colony (1860-1960)”

Kyle Harvey (History) 
“Sailing the Pampas, Scaling the Andes: mobile, Built Environments and Argentine State Formation 1850s-1910s”

Aaron Rosenberg (English) 
“Romancing the Anthropocene: H.G. Wells and the ‘Limits of Individual Plasticity’”

Ruoji Tang (English) 
“Critique and Reconsideration of the Politics of Sustainability through British Romantic Writing”

Rebecca Townsend (History) 
“Institutional Dynamics and Popular Conceptions of National Development Programs in Thailand from the 1950s to the 1970s"


2013-14 Sustainability Research Grant Awards

Charis Boke (Anthropology)
Project Title: Resilience/Resistance: Anticipating the Future, Environmental Activists, and the Politics of Preparation in the United States

Karlie Fox-Knudtsen (Anthropology)
Project Title: How Discourses about sustainability operate within the current political context of rural Odisha

Sophie Hochhäusl (History of Architecture and Urban Development)
Project Title: Architecture, Technology, and the Environment in Austrian Settlements and Allotment Gardens between Reform and the Welfare State, 1903-1953

Monica Salas Landa (Anthropology)
Project Title: Crude Residues: Material and Affective Legacies of the Oil Industry in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico

Alexander Phillips (German Studies)
Project Title: Environmental and Aesthetic Sustainability in the Late Work of Wilhelm Raabe

Elizabeth Plantan (Government)
Project Title: Framing Effects and Mobilization along the Marcellus Shale


2012-2013 Sustainability Research Grants

Alexander Gordon (Anthropology)

Catherine Kearns (Classics)

Amy Lee Kohout (History)

David Rojas (Anthropology)

Avery Slater (English)


2011-2012 Sustainability Research Grants

Can Dalyan (Anthropology)

Gokce Gunel (Anthropology)

Virginia Kennedy (English/American Indian Program)

Peter Lavelle (History)

Laura Martin (Natural Resources)

Daegan Miller (History)