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2016-2017 Humanities Research Grants

Benjamin Anderson (History of Art)
Project title:  The talisman: a critical genealogy (collaborative and discussion visit by Yael Rice)

Catherine M. Appert (Music)
Project: Music and Memory in the New African Diaspora

Caitlín Barrett (Classics)
Project: Gardens as Liminal Space within the Roman Domus

Debra Castillo (Comparative Literature)
Project title:  Performing Borders: A collaborative international project with Kolkata, India

Julia H. Chang (Romance Studies/FGSS)
Project title:  Los inutiles: Medicine, Masculinity, and Empire in Nineteenth- Century Spain

Peter Gilgen (German Studies)
Project title:  How to Inhabit a Ruined Institution: What the University of Liechtenstein Could and Ought to Be

Andrew Hicks (Music and Medieval Studies)
Project title:  The First Edition of William of Conches' Glosulae de magno Prisciano

Oneka LaBennett (Africana Studies and Research Center)
Project: Daughters of the Diaspora: Reading, Writing, and Rhythm

Jane-Marie Law (Asian Studies)
Project: Monasteries as Keepers of Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Kathleen Perry Long (Romance Studies; Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies)
Project: Transforming Bodies Conference/ + Workshop on Iphis and transgenderism in the early modern world

Roger Moseley (Music)
Project: Romantic Artifacts: The Technological Disclosure of Nineteenth-Century Music

David S. Powers (Near Eastern Studies/Medieval Studies)
Project title:  Early Qur'an Manuscripts: A Phylogenetic Analysis

Lucinda Ramberg (Anthropology)
Project: We Are Always Buddhist: Dalit Conversion and Sexual Modernity

Aaron Sachs (History and American Studies)
Project title:  Creative Academic Writing: Exploring the Relationship between Artful Prose and Scholarly Production

Suyoung Son (Asian Studies)
Project: Authorship and the Emergence of Literary Property in Early Modern China

Jonathan Tenney (Near Eastern Studies)
Project: Quantifying Babylonia: Population, Irrigation, and Environment in the High Kassite Period (1332-1225 BCE)

Victor Seow (History)
Project: Manufacturing Revolutions: The Unmaking Of Industrial Orders In China, Japan, And The United States

Samantha Zacher (English)
Project title:  Medieval Venice and its Jews