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  2017-2018 Graduate Student Travel Grants

Ellen Abrams (Science & Technology Studies
Project Title: American Mathematics and the Discourse of Civilization, 1876-1917

Ai Baba (History)
Project Title: What were they thinking? Behind the Actions of Marrying Women and the Losers of War in Transwar Japan

Amanda Bosworth (History)
Project Title: Maritime Maneuvers: North Pacific Relations Across the Arc of Empire, 1867-1939

Nicholas Bujalski (History)
Project Title: Russia’s Peter and Paul Fortress: From Heart of Empire to Museum of the Revolution, 1825-1930

Benedetta Carnaghi (History)
Project Title: Lives Under Cover: Comparative History of Spies in the Italian OVRA and the German Gestapo, 1927-1945

Conall Cash (Romance Studies)
Project Title: The Antinomies of French Marxism: Atomism, Temporality, and the Problem of Action

Katryn Evinson (Romance Studies)
Project Title: Cracks, Breaks, Splits: On a Theory of Sabotage

Elena Guzman (Romance Studies)
Project Title: The Meeting of Two Cultures: Cross border performances between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Mariangela Jordan (Anthropology)
Project Title: You Are Not My Brother: Mizo Nationalism at the Edge of the Indian Empire

Sujin Lee (History)
Project Title: Totalizing Population: Population Control Policies in Wartime Japan (1937-1945)

Jordan Musser (Music)
Project Title: Managing the Crisis: Music, Neoliberalism, and the Popular Avant-Garde in Britain, 1975-1984

Elif Sari (Anthropology)
Project Title: Waiting amidst Violence and Uncertainty: LGBTI Asylum in Turkey

Emiko Stock (Anthropology)
Project Title: An Antropology with Images: Chams / Sayyids / Cambodia / Iran

Lia Turtas (Romance Studies)
Project Title: The Automaton of Italian Cinema: Towards a Reinterpretation of Humanism in the Age of the Cinematic Apparatus

Elizabeth Wijaya (Comparative Literature)
Project Title: Exiled History: Post-2010 Political Cinema in Singapore and the Colonial Legacies of Preventive Detention without Trial